11 October 2009

More Vienna Fun

The weather got cold and dreary on Friday, but by Saturday morning I decided we needed to get out anyway, so we headed to the Naschmarkt to meet some friends. We got there a bit early, so we played at the Karlsplatz playground. It is so fun to see Elora and Oliver play together.

First order of business at the Naschmarkt - Kurtos Kalacs!!!! Elora and Oliver were both super excited (me too, mmmm....) Here is Elora waiting for our bread to cool down enough to be put in a bag...

She carried the bag and hugged it while waiting for it to cool down enough to eat. Then it was time to eat! I should have bought two, I forgot how much the kids eat when you offer them pastries.

There was a stall selling beautiful baskets today which the kids both loved. Oliver tried to carry off one of the big expensive ones. When I told him he couldn't take one, he tried to sit in one, and was very unhappy with me when I told him he couldn't do that either.

My friend Krista bought Elora a cute little basket. She carried it around putting treasures in it the whole time we were at the market. She found a penny at one point, put it in her basket, and said, "I found money! Now I can buy something!" A little while later, she approached one of the men working at a fruit stand, and said, "I want to buy something!" and handed him her penny. In return she got a nice little orange to put in her basket! She was so excited, she slept with her orange last night instead of eating it.

This is how I found Oliver sleeping when I went to check on him last night... looks comfy.

Today the kids looked so cute in their church clothes, I tried to get a picture of them together... here's what I got:

They got bored of picture taking, and Elora decided to help Ollie read a book.

Then they crawled away giggling...

Since that went so well, I decided to try for a pic of all of us together (here goes camera fun with the timer...). Elora and Oliver actually thought this was a very fun game, so smiling wasn't a problem, we just had trouble with the sitting still and all looking at the camera.

I give up! But we had a good time.


  1. cute kids, the chick in the middle is pretty hot!

  2. Hi there! I randomly came across your blog searching for the next AIS flea market. I have a 9 month old son, so you're cute pictures caught my eye. Where do you guys go to church? We are at the International Chapel. Send me an email if you get a chance! (through my blog)



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