18 October 2009

Happy (early) Halloween!

We were invited to a Halloween Party for kids at the American International School in Vienna, which added some sewing stress since I thought I had until the 31st to finish the kids' costumes. With the trip to Medieval Rhodes and all the Medieval festivals, the kids were excited to go as Knights.

Elora has a fleur de lis on her tunic, symbolizing royalty (because she is a princess!), on an Austrian flag-style crest.

Ollie's tunic is decorated with a pre-Maltese Cross, which was used by the Knights of Rhodes (aka Knights Hospitaller who provided care for the poor, sick or injured pilgrams travelling to Jerusalem). Ollie didn't want to wear his costume until we gave him a sword and then he got in character and was really excited.

After we stopped the kids from wacking each other with their swords, to get them to pose for the camera, I pretended to be a dragon and the knights had to charge at me!

I got wacked in the legs a few times in the process. At the party, everywhere the kids ran, they got a lot of attention in their matching uniforms. One of the moms told me Ollie was "the costume winner!" when he was running around with his sword.

Yes, Chris actually dressed that way on the U-bahn. I chose to save my eye-patch until we were closer to the party.

There were a lot of fun games, and a trunk or treat, but Elora and her friend Grace probably enjoyed the free fingernail painting the most. Oliver even joined in and got his thumbnail painted orange.


  1. So adorable! How did you make the chainmail????

  2. I made the chainmail with sequin covered fabric, and made a cropped long sleeve shirt, and for the hood - I draped fabric over Elora's head, and pinned it into the shape I wanted... and prayed it would look okay once I sewed it! It worked better than I thought it would...


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