04 September 2009

Visit to the Karlskirche

We took Mom (Nana) to visit the church at Karlsplatz. The outside is very beautiful, and you have to pay to go in. So we always wanted to wait until we had a nice clear day outside because there is a panorama look out that is supposed to give you a nice view of the city.

The museum entrance came with an audio guide and Elora has discovered she really likes listening to them. She had to stop at every number and listen to what was said.

If anyone ever thought church benches are uncomfortable, you've never sat in a Catholic church! Holy cow (bench)! Your butt has no room, and your back is ramrod straight. Ollie enjoyed the bench though as he admired the surroundings.

The paintings inside the church are currently under restoration, but you can still seem them very clearly. Because they are restoring the inside there is a lot of scaffolding -- as always.

But they were very smart about the scaffolding and used it to make a platform at the top of the dome. You take an elevator up (attached to the scaffolding, which just seems unnevering) then stand on a huge platform near the top of the ceiling (again, scaffolding, unnerving).

And then you walk up a scaffolding staircase into the very top of the dome, which kind of wobbles ever so slightly. Again... unnverving. Especially when you notice you're getting closer and closer to the ceiling as the ceiling begins to narrow around you. I can't imagine actually having to paint up there... It was a rare experience though that we got to stand right next to the paintings in the dome. Usually you're just stairing wwaaaaaaay up there.

At the very top of the "panorama lookout" we discovered there really wasn't much to see. You're just stairing through a few tiny windows that have bars and chain link fencing in front of it everywhere. So it's not really much of a panorama... But it was still neat (unnevering) to be suspended so high in the cathadral on scaffolding.

The church also had an art exhibition. Elora loves paintings and she was excited to look at them all and ask lots of questions about them.

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