05 September 2009

Reading with Nana and the Jagdhof

Since Elora's Grampy couldn't come on this trip, he left very specific instructions that we need to take a picture of Nana reading books to Elora. Elora is a book worm and will have you read her more books than you can imagine, if you let her. Fortunately, Nana hasn't seen Elora for a year so she was happy to oblige her.

This particular book was designed to have a personal picture put on the very last page so Elora gets to be a part of the story. When the final page was turned and Elora got to see herself in the book she was as excited as she was confused. She certainly wasn't expecting to turn page and find a photo of herself dressed as a princess with a crown on her head. She thought that was pretty neat.

While Chris stayed at home and got some homework done, Nana, Karen, Ollie, and Elora went to the Armory and Musical instruments museum. Ollie enjoyed playing with the audio tour while Elora danced to the music. Elora and Ollie love listening and dancing to music and we love watching Elora invent little dances like she is doing in the next video as Ollie claps along.

And finally, what's the deal with this sign? First of all it's in the middle of Vienna where no one camps (in the city). Second, it's within the imperial palace gardens, so no one is really going to think about camping there. Third, it's in English. Our theory is they were expecting the Griswalds and Cousin Eddie to show up in their camp trailer.


  1. That sign makes me laugh! I hope you paid attention and took your RV back home without stopping for the night on the imperial palace gardens...

  2. Not too long ago the kids and I saw an RV parked on the road next to our railway station. It had Italian registration. The lady (loosely use term!) was peeing in the gutter. Classy. Especially when she could have used the station for her morning ablutions if she really wanted to.


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