20 September 2009

Karen's Birthday!!! Part 1

This is title "Part 1" because Chris had to work on my birthday, and we had planned to celebrate my birthday in a couple weeks when Chris doesn't have school or work. But some friends of mine wanted me to have a great birthday, so planned to take me out after the kids went to bed!

When Chris found out I was going out for my birthday, he was a little sad that he didn't get to be the one taking me out (I assured him that it is perfectly acceptable for him to take me out also, just on a later date when he doesn't have to work!) But he excitedly asked me if I wanted my present just before I went out. He bought me this beautiful ring! Which I absolutely adore. Thanks sweetie!

We had planned to go to this nice cafe that just opened, but it was super crowded... so we made a change of plans. After driving around picking up everyone at various points around the city, my friends took me to this absolutely amazing Italian restaurant. I got the Gnocchi, three different kinds all in different sauces. AMAZING. Everything we tried was super good, appetizers, food, dessert, awesome, awesome, awesome. I will be going back!

It had taken us so long to figure out where to go, that we were the last people in the restuarant, and they actually told us in the middle of the meal that if we wanted dessert we had to order it because the kitchen was closing! Whoops. Vienna is not really a late night town, especially on a Monday night... but we had a great time. Here is me and my girls. I am so grateful for all of the awesome friends I have here in Vienna, and glad that they gave me such a special night out. Even though I got home at 1am and have been tired ever since... I guess I really am getting older!

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