10 September 2009

Elora says...

"The dinosaurs got sick and died because they ran out of food and water...But we have a sink with lots of cups of water so we can help them to feel healthy again."


Then we were at a friend's house and I offered to take her to the bathroom.

Elora: No! I don't want to go to the toilet! (and she was quite adament and upset about this).

Me - Why not?

Elora - Because there are robots in there!!!


Elora: "Mommy, these white potty panties are understated, I want to wear my princess panties."

Elora praying: "Please bless that Ollie won't be tired and grumpy." "Please bless we'll get to eat as much food as we want."

Elora to Ollie: "Oliver, I don't want to marry you anymore, I'm not gonna marry you. I'm gonna marry a knight."

Elora on tithing: "And I'm going to keep the shiny gold coin for myself and give the not-shiny coins to Heavenly Father."

Elora after watching the 1950s Davey Crockett series: "Why did the white man break his promise?"
Mom answers: "Sometimes people don't do nice things, but don't you think the movie will turn out ok in the end?"
Elora answers: "Yes, because all the people will die!" (no more Davey Crocket for Elora)


So Ollie is not left out. He's learning to talk too. About every 5 minutes (literally) he walks into the room, points at the computer and shouts: "Wah Dah!" And then starts wiggling around in a circle and clapping his hands. This means he wants us to play some music for him to dance to. It was cute the first 100 times. Tonight while he was supposed to be sleeping, he started crying and when checked on, he pointed at the door to his room, said "Wah Dah!" and started dancing and clapping has hands. Apparently he didn't get executive order 66 that it was bedtime.

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