20 August 2009

Zoo Day

Elora has been asking to go to the zoo forever, so we decided to spend the morning there last week before it got too hot.

Oliver now walks everywhere, and was super excited to climb all the fences and tried to jump in all the ponds. A very interesting child to keep track of at the zoo...

Elora loves lily pads, she thinks it is very neat that they grow in the ponds.

We went into the Elephant house, and Elora was very pleased to "ride" an elephant. She even graciously let Oliver ride with her for a little while.

Of course after visiting a few animals, Elora found the water playground. If there is ever water to play in, Oliver and Elora will find it. Notice she is letting the water run all down her back. She has no fear of wet clothes and shoes, I can assure you!

When Elora finally moved on to another section of the playground, Ollie took her place at the spitting frog to get his hands (and pants... and shoes...) nice and wet. It was very refreshing on such a warm day.

Once again, we need to show just how much cooler playgrounds are in Europe... this one has crazy climbing rope structures everywhere... Elora had a great time, she is finally big enough to figure out some of the climbing.

And of course, it wouldn't be a trip to the zoo if we didn't go find the massive wood snake for Elora to play on. We had a great time, it gets more and more fun to bring Oliver along and show him all the animals. This time he learned how to bark like a sea lion. An excellent talent.

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