10 August 2009

Time for More Culture... Vienna Kunsthistoriches Museum

We took the kids back to the Vienna Art History Musuem to see the ancient Egyptian section. Elora was really excited to see it because she loves anything to do with Pharoahs and Sphinxes. She likes to hear the story of a Sphinx that asks all passersby a riddle and if they answer it incorrectly they get eaten. Fortunately for Elora, the riddle we asked her while standing next a Sphinx sculpture was an easy one: Which creature in the morning goes on four legs, at mid-day on two, and in the evening upon three, and the more legs it has, the weaker it be?

Here's a mumified crocodile. Elora really liked this because of the Schnapi Song/Video on Youtube. Every German and Austrian kid knows and loves Schnapi.

Ollie was really happy to walk around the museum shouting every now and then to listen to his voice echoing.

He liked to look at, and when no one was looking, touch all the sculptures. We'd stop him from doing it as quickly as possible, but if these stone carvings lasted 1000 years you'd hope they could hold up to 10 seconds of Ollie... (maybe not!)

Elora really likes the musuem because it is in a "fancy castle". In the entry way is a tall, ornate dome ceiling that Elora wanted to stand in the center of the room and look up at. She's a cutie.

And finally, once we got out side, nothing could be more fun than blowing on some dandilions!

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