08 August 2009

Schonbrunn Kindermuseum

This is from a few weeks back, we finally tried out the Kindermuseum at the Schonbrunn Palace. It was so fun! A little pricey, but worth the visit, Elora had a great time.

The first part of the museum has costumes for this kids to try on. Elora was very excited about all the princess dresses.

Oliver was too small for the costumes, but he let me put on this cute coat, and he actually enjoyed wearing it for some strange reason... the hat did not stay on long... I can't wait until he's a bit bigger, he will be so handsome in the dress up clothes!

I will be forever trying to get a good pic of Elora and Charlie. Charlie was less excited about the dress up part, and Elora was so amused by the lovely lace fan that she found, that she couldn't quit being silly long enough for a good pic!

Here are all the girls: Gracie, Mia, and Elora. They are three beautiful little princesses.

And although I am not sure I was technically allowed to dress up, there was a section marked "Adult Costumes", so I figured I could take a turn. Some of the dresses and coats were so beautiful! I would love to go somewhere that I could wear some of the coats!!!

The dressups started getting a little dull for Elora, so she and Charlie started rolling around on the floor, which they both seemed to find more entertaining than pretending to be princes and princesses.

Next we went through the exhibits. There was a grooming room, where the kids could smell all kinds of items that used to be used to make perfumes, like dried flowers and spices. Charlie was very good about helping Oliver smell the jars, but Oliver kept trying to lick them... guess he thought they smelled good.

They also got to comb these wigs and put bows and flowers in them, ajob Elora took very seriously.

The kids' favorite room is the Royal Toy Room, with all kinds of old toys that the royal children would have had to play with. Check out the wood cannon. The wooden toys were so cool, I don't know why they don't sell them in the gift shop...

There were several other exhibits, but Elora really liked the dining room exhibit where she got to set the table with all kinds of fun pretend food, serving platters, etc. Such a fun museum. I could have
spent all day there!

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  1. The pic of Oliver in the hat and big jacket cracks me up. He was too cute waddling around in it.


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