12 August 2009

A Night Out for Mom

My friend Bindi and I went out (without kids!!!!) to see The Proposal at one of the English movie theaters here. I had told Bindi that Chris wouldn't want to pay to see it in the theater, and she generously offered to go see it with me.

Before the movie we stopped to get gelato at the Gelateria Hohe Markt. It took a couple tries before I could get a pic of us along with the gelato...

The gelato was so good with fresh berries and a whole lot of cream! Mmmm.... And the movie was super funny. Thanks Bindi! And thanks Chris for sticking home with the kids for a night.

And a totally unrelated pic just for fun, tonight I made chili for dinner, and Oliver could only allow me to feed him with the spoon for a couple minutes before he just dug in with his hands. As you can see, he absolutely loves chili...

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