20 August 2009

More Schmetterling Haus...

These are pics from various trips to the Schmetterling Haus over the past couple months. We spend a lot of time there... and will probably be spending even more now that winter is coming!

Oliver really loves running around and especially loves the aquariums.

Charlie and Elora looking for fish in the water.

A butterfly flying right up to Elora. She hasn't spotted it yet...

She was showing the butterflies a pretty flower she found on the ground.

This butterfly stayed on the orange long enough for most of the kids to get to hold it.

This is another day with Grace at the Schmetterling Haus. There was a butterfly near the door that all the kids were trying to catch...

The girls figured out that if they stood near the river under the waterfall, there was a large water drip off the ceiling... So they danced in the water singing "I am getting wet! I am getting wet!"

Oliver was so excited to chase the girls around the Schmetterling Haus. It was really fun to watch him try to join in the fun the big girls were having.

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