16 August 2009

Kebab Party

As we've written previously, Kebabs are perhaps the greatest sandwich ever. Every American (and immigrant from other countries) that comes to Vienna loves to eat Kebab. So we decided to have some other Kebab loving friends over for a Kebab party.

Here I am with a big knife and a sharpener (just like the authentic Kebab guys use to cut the meat at the stand). We went to the Naschmarkt, the large open air market in Vienna, and bought several large loaves of flat bread and 2.5 kilos (about 6lbs) of cooked Kebab meat straight from the skewer.

Here is what the finished Kebab looks like! This one is a tasty mix of chicken, beef, lamb, lettuce, yogurt sauce and crushed red pepper flakes. The yogurt sauce is the trick. We bought plain full fat (3.5%) yogurt, and did a 50% mix with Greek yogurt, which is 10% fat. The Greek yogurt plain tastes like a mix between yogurt and whipped cream cheese. Mmmmm, fattening creamy sauce.

Here we are eating our Kebabs. We've got Germany, Austria, Austrailia, America, and Nepal represented. And we all love Kebab!

Oliver got to try his first can of root beer. We're grateful Simon introduced him to soda in a can, followed by a burp. Ollie thought it was pretty neat to take a sip of soda and than make a loud burping noise. Incidentally, Simon just got made bishop today at church and when Ollie saw him at the stand, Ollie took a swig of water from his sippy cup and started making loud burpping noises in Simon's direction!

After our Kebab, we tried the Ayran (Iran) National Drink. A couple of Iranian guys I know said you -must- drink this after eating Kebab, so you don't taste the spicey meaty taste all day. The drink consists of these ingredients: Yogurt, water, salt. It's like drinking salty sour cream with the consistency of egg nog. One sip is enough.

While the adults were hoarding their Kebab, the kids played in Elora's room. Toys are always more fun to play with when they belong to someone else! Elora kindly brought chips into her room over and over again to share (although we think she was just hoarding them for herself).

Tasty Plumberry cobbler. A mix of plums, black berries, and blue berries.

Ollie was happy to be the center of attention. He was so mad when his soda can (and everyone else's) was empty that we had to put soda water into his sippy cup. Just plain soda water! He was ok with it... I guess he's turning into an Austrian. Drinking plain bubbly water and eating plain yogurt....

We decided to take a group picture, and like most group pictures had to repeat the process several times. Elora was sitting in the corner and couldn't be seen.

Ooops! Chris missing as he tried to make the camera work.

Ooops! Elder Vale was too slow and didn't make it back in time.

Mission accomplished!

The aftermath of the Kebab party. We're still enjoying the yummy meat every day on Kebab salads!


  1. Great post! I sent it to my mum and mother-in-law too. Simon was so impressed with being burped at while he was on the stand.

  2. I'm SO hungry now! This looks like a great party!


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