07 August 2009

Fountains and Marshmallows

We were so excited to take Oliver to the big fountain a few weeks ago, since he loves water, and it was closed! Being cleaned out after a big festival. Sigh.

So we came back a week later to enjoy it, and Oliver was so excited! He just talked and pointed at it for a long time, and then enjoyed running around the big plaza. Elora was of course excited too.

I love this pic, because I think it is so strange, but wonderful to see Elora and Oliver walking together. I can't believe Oliver is big enough to actually hang out with his sister.

And because it is now a tradition to have pics like this everywhere...

And just because we thought it was funny - here are some marshmallows we bought at a store here during "American Week". Barbeque Marshmallows. I must say, I have never actually cooked marshmallows over a BBQ grill, I usually use a campfire... I especially enjoyed the instructions, in case you weren't sure how to cook a marshmallow!

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