05 August 2009

Date Night!!!

So the new Harry Potter came out, and we HAD to see it in the theater, because the last movie I saw in the theater was.... the last Harry Potter that came out! So we finally got someone to watch our kids for the night, and headed out for dinner and a movie.

For dinner we went to a cafe called Servus right next to the theater. The inside was non smoking, which rocked, because even though all the outside tables were full, we got to pick any table we wanted inside... The food was super tasty.

It is funny because Chris ordered the Kaernten Kasenudeln, and it was totally different than the ones we tried in Kaernten. But still tasty. Just totally different... I got chicken stuffed with cheese and pesto. YUM!

We finished off with some awesome chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce. So good. Then it was off to the movie! It is neat because they have reserved seats for the movie. You reserve your tickets online, and actually pick your seats. If you are brave enough to sit in the front row, you save 4 Euro a ticket. We were not brave enough, having never seen the theater. We sat in the fourth row, and it was actually perfect. Here is a series of self portraits we took while waiting for the movieto start. Chris is such a punk.

Yes, he did actually lick my face. Nice.

It was a great time. The hardest part was getting home with the lack of public transit after midnight in this city. Our poor babysitters had to walk along the strassenbahn tracks until they found a night bus to get home. Oops! Next time we'll catch an earlier show!

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