01 August 2009

Bauernhof - Farmhouse

The farm house we rented in Kaernten was at the top of a mountain with an amazing view. Kaernten is beautiful with green rolling hills as faras the eye can see. The owners of the rental had their house next door, and were very kind. They made us tasty pastries and let us eat some fresh cherries and apples from their trees. They also offered us some beer and seemed confused that someone wouldn't drink alcohol.

Oliver and Elora were excited to find several cats outside our door every morning. They were very friendly and let Oliver poke them.

The kids both got a little bit sick just as we arrived for our vacation so we spent quite a bit of time around the house. Ollie enjoyed the swing set and also liked playing with the little 2 year old girl Johanna who lived there. It was funny to hear Johanna call Elora over to play and talk to her in German. Elora would talk back in English and neither understood each other at all. They usually gave upon the talking and played on the tire swing.

Ollie loves dancing to polka! I am a great dancer after all!

Dinner on the balcony every night! Spaghetti is cheap and easy! But you get a little tired of it after 6 days in a row... Elora always insisted we eat on the balcony to enjoy the beautiful view.

On our last night there I (Karen) was invited to go see Les Miserables in Klagenfurt with Johanna's mom Alexandra and aunt. The theater was beautiful and the production incredibly well done with a moving stage.I actually enjoyed this production more than when I had seen it before even though it was in German. It helps to have all the songs memorized so I still knew what was going on. We had really good seats and Alexandra scored me a half price student discount!

Meanwhile, I (now it's Chris) stayed at home with the kids, battled the British, Ottomans and Russians (on the computer), cleaned the house, and took a few pictures of a lightening storm which raged outside for an hour. If anyone wants to go to Carinthia this is a great place to stay. It's a little off the beaten path, but really nice.

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