23 July 2009

Stadt Park

We went for a really long walk around the city, just to see what was there. I am always surprised how close together everything is when you get off the train and just walk... pretty soon I might actually be able to find my way around without walking in too many circles.

We ended up in Stadt Park and Elora was excited to get to look at the "gold statue" up close. It is a Strauss Monument that usually has herds of tourists in front of it, but we were lucky this time and got a pic of Elora during a brief "standing still" moment.

Elora was super excited about this little stream that runs through the park. I was just praying that she didn't decide to lean over and try to wash her hands...

Lots of ducks and birds, the kids were excited to walk up close to them (and ignore the stay-off-the-grass signs).

While walking in the city, you always encounter fountains and statues. Oliver absolutely loves fountains, so we have to stop at every single one to show him the water. Which he really wants to swim in. And then he cries when it is time to leave... odd child.

And of course Dirty Teddy is excited to see the fountain too.

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