01 July 2009

Rhodes City Moat Walk

After our trip to Lindos, the bus took us back to Rhodes and we decided to walk around the old city one more time -- this time in the moat! There is a dry moat all the way around the castle that is now a park and jogging path at least a mile around. It was a nice cool walk after our hot hiking in Lindos!

Of course the old cannons were a favorite -- where does this fascination with cannons come from?

Now that Ollie is usually walking instead of riding in the stroller, he thinks it is fun to stand in Elora's spot on the stroller. It gives us a nice break when he rides, instead of having to wait for Oliver to walk in circles before he continues down the road.

There were tons of these big bombard shells everywhere, and Oliver was very interested in them. He was excited to be in the middle of this big group of shells.

Can you find Elora in this picture? This gives a good perspective on how tall the castle walls are when you are down in the moat. Off to the left is one of the main gates into the city.

Here is one of the sections of the moat with tons of bombard shells everywhere. I guess they didn't want to take the time to move all these huge rocks...

Elora found this nice stick and told me, "This is my sword that I use to fight the bad soldiers!" I had a hard time trying to explain when she started asking me, "Which soldiers are good, and which are bad? Did the bad soldiers try to knock down the castle?" I think we left off with, "Well, sometimes soldiers are mean, and sometimes soldiers are nice..."

Oliver thought he would see what was under the big rocks... Chris actually could move them, and then Ollie wanted to give it a try. Elora was excited because she found a roly poly living under one of the rocks and proceeded to carry it halfway around the moat before we realized she still had it. "But we left the rocks and I couldn't put the roly poly bug back!"

All around the castle there were caverns and tunnels that the soldiers could hide in. Elora needed to go inside every single one to see what was inside.

There is a long avenue of cafes along the water, and after being invited to sit down by multiple restaurants, we finally gave in and sat down for dinner. They had really comfortable padded chairs and we had dinner, which was SO GOOD! We just got a grill plate which had a bunch of kinds of meats, pita breads, tsazkiki (a yogurt and cucumber sauce), and salad. I love this food. We should have eaten in the city EVERY DAY!!!! The lady who worked at the restaurant seemed very pleased we had chosen her establishment to eat at; she talked with our kids, showed us what she thought were the best seats, recommended several different foods, and then she thanked us all through dinner...

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