22 July 2009

Plenty of Zoo Days!

There has actually been some pretty nice weather the last few weeks (in between the rainy days) and we have spent a lot of time at the zoo... rather than spending my time making tons of zoo posts, I just picked some of my favorite pics from the last few weeks to share! (And the only one who will notice how behind I am in my posting is Bindi, who has posted about one of these zoo trips a looooong time ago!

Oliver has been much more fun to take to the zoo now that he can walk. He loves to look at the animals and play with all the fun animal statues that are all around the zoo.

We have always been super lucky and get to see the big cats up close quite often. On this particular day, Oliver was very happy to be right next to the "kit-tee!"

We made our way over to the barnyard animal section of the zoo, where the kids get to see cows, chickens, horses, and also you can buy cheese and milk, and play at a little park. Elora was super excited about the rocking horse above.

We were supposed to go to the children's museum at the Schonbrunn a few weeks ago, and were quite disappointed that it was closed when we got there. (Well, the adults were disappointed - Elora and Charlie were so happy to see each other they just ran around in circles, laughing, until we herded them toward the zoo!)

My friend Bindi gave Oliver his first lolly pop. I wasn't sure what he would think about it, but as you can see he was quite excited!

We have been trying to go to the zoo with Grace for MONTHS! And every time we plan to go it rains. This day was actually no exception. It rained that morning, but we decided to attempt the zoo anyhow, and by the time we got there it was just cloudy and not real crowded. A nice visit!

We hung out by the lions for awhile where Elora and Grace showed us how good they are at Roaring their Terrible Roars.

This squirrel followed us around for about ten solid minutes. Here he is perched on Grace's stroller. A bunch of people were trying to feed it, and it would drop whatever it had whenever Chris would feed it cucumbers. Strange squirrel. Quite a crowd gathered to watch it, and they would all laugh every time the squirrel chose the cucumbers.

Elora and Ollie having a ride together. We had Grace up there too for a couple minutes, but the horse was a little crowded with all three of them! Luckily there are three horses, and eventually each kid got on their own horse.

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