10 July 2009

Lainzer Tiergarten

We had some nice weather so we took the kids out for a hike in the Vienna imperial hunting grounds. It's not a far walk from our apartment, but you have to walk a good way up hill so you work up a nice sweat.

We found several observation towers, that we think might be for early morning animal watching (deer, elk, wild boar). Oliver and Elora had a good time climbing in them.

Here's a fun tree stump with a hole in it that is just begging for someone to stand in. We told Elora this must be where Pooh Bear lives. What a great picture.

You can walk for hours at the Tiergarten, but we just stopped at a scenic overlook above Vienna and let the kidlets run around in the meadow. Chris stopped to do some pushups...no one knows why.

Elora was excited to chase butterflys and bees while collecting wildflowers. For some reason she has not interalized the message that "bees can sting you". She always says, "But no, this bee landed on my arm and it tickled." It will be a sad day when the bee does a lot more
than tickle her...

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