18 July 2009

Heeresgeschichtlichtes Museum - The Arsenal

The Heeresgeschichtlichtes Museum - try saying that ten times fast - or just one time fast for that matter, so we (and everyone else) just call it the Arsenal. This is the largest building built to hold a military history museum. The Austrian Emperor built it to show off Austria's various military triumphs in the days of the Turks and Napoleonic Wars. Curiously World War 1 and 2 were left out... although they did have the car that Arch Duke Francis Ferdinand was assassinated in, whose assassination led to World War 1.

This building was incredibly beautiful inside and out. It was worth a visit just to appreciate the architecture.

There were a lot of very large paintings on the walls and ceilings depicting different battles from various ages of the Austrian empire. There were also original maps, troop formations, and battle plans showing the strategies used for different battles.

This is a statue of one of the famous Generals. After visiting the museum, I can now recognize many street names in the city as being famous war heroes.

Elora loves paintings. She is always very concerned about those who appear hurt in the paintings and asks us if they are getting help.

And of course Elora was excited to see cannons, and since Dirty Teddy was acting as a pillow for Oliver who was sleeping in the stroller, Elora loaded herself into a cannon.

Admiring some weapons, and trying to explain what they all were to a very curious Elora. I have never heard a kid ask as many questions as her...

More cannons. Elora was trying to figure out what the big barrel of gun powder was for, how to clean it with the big brushes, and how to get the cannon balls in. Very practical knowledge to have when dressed as a pirate.

This statue was at the top of the stairs. I learned a lot about the history of the Austrian empire times, I guess I should have paid more attention in history class, because I had to keep asking Chris to explain all the different wars and stuff to me. Now we have to take Elora to a nice art museum to counterbalance all the guns and ammo...

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