24 July 2009

Fun Around the House

Okay, so I am kind of behind on the posting, and I have a collection of random pics of the kids that I decided to dump into one post. Enjoy!

Teddy on his potty. What more needs to be said?

Elora trying on a hat sample Chris is working on. She loves all of Daddy's new hats.

We went to the Volksgarten to see all the roses, and the kids spent the whole time playing on this bench.

Ollie's new favorite place to sit is the time out stool. Elora told me to put Oliver in time out one day, and since he had actually been mean to Elora, I did. Ever since then he climbs up into the stool and just hangs out talking to himself. Nice.

Oliver has finally developed enough patience to stack the blocks, not just knock them down. He was very proud of his stacking this day, and kept building until his tower was as tall as himself.

Elora came to help Ollie stack, but it turned into a game of tag instead.

Elora doesn't really like napping, and on this particular day she told us, "I will not lay down! I won't close my eyes!" We found her a half hour later asleep in her train box. That can't be comfortable, but at least she was sleeping...

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