31 July 2009

Friesach Cafe

After touring the town of Friesach one day, we stopped at a little cafe for lunch.

One of our friends told us we had to try Kärntner Käsenudeln - which are like raviolis filled with a unique cheese mixture and then sauteed in butter. They were sooooo good. We tried some in Vienna too, but they were nowhere near as good as these ones. They are the region specialty in Carinthia, which is the section of Austria Friesach is in.

Oliver was excited to share some soup with his daddy. Elora was being her usual hyper crazy self while waiting for her lunch.

The reason dad is so popular to sit with: he was feeding the kids sugar.

As you can tell, they thought this was a great!

This ice cream concoction is actually JogurtEis - or a form of frozen yogurt, with mixed berry sauce. So tasty. The frozen yogurt here is incredible.

Oliver thought it was pretty good too. I don't think I have EVER seen him open his mouth that wide!

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