09 July 2009

Fat makes everything better

In the US Yoplait yogurt is 1% fat. You have to look around a lot to find full fat 3.5% yogurt.

Here in Austria I was eating some yogurt Chris bought and said, "Wow this yogurt is really good," to which he replied, "That's because it's 10% fat yogurt."

It's called Tiroler Rahmyogurt (cream yogurt). And it has 300% more fat than full fat yogurt back home. Tirol is the Austrian equivilant of the South back home. Like Paula Dean they agree more butter and fat makes everything better. Mmmmmm.

Elora really enjoyed it too. She was so excited to go back to the store and buy some more strawberry yogurt. She craddled it gently in her arms all the way home. And even shared some with her brother.

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  1. I was excited to find 0.1% yoghurt at Hofer the other day. So hard to find. I had stopped looking for a lowfat version that was actually low in fat! Bet it doesn't taste a thing like the Tiroler yoghurt. Probably better I don't try the good stuff...


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