26 June 2009

Rhodes Palace of the Grand Master

Once we were inside the city, Elora kept asking if there was a castle, and if we could go inside it. So we tried to head straight to the palace. Unfortunately, with the narrow streets and no map - Elora had removed it from the stroller in the hotel, to keep it safe - it took us a little while to get to the Palace.

This is a walkway leading to the palace that was lined with cannons that shot into the moat. Elora and Oliver really love cannons for some reason. Maybe its because her toy pirate ship has cannons.

The inner court yard of the palace. Because most of the Palace of the Grand Master (who was the leader of all the knights) was destroyed in the final invasion, the palace as it now stands was restored by the Italians in the 20s.

Inside the palace were many different exhibits. This is a hand written Bible from the year 1000 that was on display. Wow.

This is a sculpture of Laoco├Ân, who tried to warn the Trojans not to accept the Trojan Horse, and was then killed by two poisonous serpents by the Gods who wanted to see the Trojans destroyed. The Trojans assuming he had been killed because he was wrong in his statements about the horse, brought the Trojan Horse inside...

The most impressive displays in the palace were many mosaic floors that have been collected from different time periods and all placed on the floors in the palace. The earliest was from the year 300AD.

Close up of one of the floors. Apparently it was very common to have mosaics in the Greek homes, not in the areas of high traffic, but in the men's quarters or sitting rooms.

Read this sign! It says "do not walk on the mosaics" but there is no way around it! So we just hopped.

Elora was fascinated by the big fireplace. She wanted to look up and see where the smoke from the fire goes.

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