29 June 2009

Rhodes - Lindos Acropolis Castle

Sorry, more Rhodes. But it was so much fun! Rhodes is a pretty big island, and we took an hour and a half long bus ride (with transfer) to the city of Lindos where there is a beautiful bay, and an ancient Greek temple inside of a medieval castle -- what an interesting mix.

There is no wind on the Lindos side of the island, or at least there wasn't that day. We had to do a little bit of walking so we stashed the stroller next to someone's house (hut?) and walked up a bunch of stairs. It was HOT.

Even more stairs. At the base of these stairs was a really nice 3000 year old ship carved into the stone mountain. Unfortunately it was somewhat in ruins and hard to get a good picture of. Sorry, you'll just have to go there to see it... (update: if you scroll down 8 pictures, the one with Elora's "whiney face" you can see it in the rock wall on the bottom right). Ollie, who fancies himself a pro stair stepper really wanted to climb up all of these stairs.

At the top of the stairs, inside the castle are the ruins of the old Acropolis of Lindos and a temple to Athena.

Whenever Elora stepped out of the shade she would say, "The sun is too hot it's making me tired!!!" So here she found the only bit of shade from the columns of the temple and she refused to leave until she was coaxed with promises of more shade elsewhere.

The view was amazing. The castle & acropolis overlooked the valley, the Bay of Lindos, Med. Sea, and the Bay of St. Paul. Legend says that Paul washed up in a storm here back in biblical times.

More cats! Rhodes is famous for stray cats apparently. Ollie and Elora were thrilled.

If you look closely you can see Elora is actually making a whiney face. But she really had a good time, once she found some shade, which came with a few cats. You can see the ship carved into the rock wall here. According to the inscription (which we translated from the ancient Greek for your convienence), on the bow stood a statue of General Hagesander Mikkion, the work of the sculptor Pythokritos, who carved the Winged Victory of Samothrace (now in the Louvre, Google it).

On the way down we stopped for a "chocolate milkshake" and forgot our lesson from Lisbon. Milkshakes in Europe, although they cost as much as one in the US, is really just a glass of chocolate milk that has been shaken. Nevertheless, Ollie really enjoyed it.

Finally, on the way back down from the castle, we went to Lindos Bay. The water was so clear you could see hundreds of little fish everywhere. The sand was very hot, and the water was really warm. But it was still refreshing after our walk in the sun. Unfortunately, we had a long uphill walk back to the bus.

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