22 June 2009

Rhodes Fort St. Nicholas (and some cats)

Every morning we enjoyed breakfast on the beach. The food wasn't really that great but for breakfast you can't expect too much. One thing that was tasty is the fruit and quark (a heavy cream-like plain yogurt) they had every morning.

The Greek alphabet is even more confusing than Hungarian or Czech...but at least they had Enligh translations for most things. Here we are at the bus stop, hoping this bus went in the direction of Rhodes city...

Our first stop was an old Byzantine church next to the harbor. It was interesting to see the difference in style between the Roman and Byzantine style churches.

Elora was excited to begin our adventure!

Fort St. Nicholas defended the entrance to the castle harbor and used to be twice as tall before it was destroyed in one of the invastions where the Turks tried to take it 3 seperate times and failed. One 2nd attempt the fortress was completely destroyed, so when they returned the 3rd time to take it over the soldiers had to defend it from within holes and cracks in the rubble and the invasion was still turned back.

Elora gleefully loaded Dirty Teddy into a dirty cannon inside the museum.

While Elora was inside waching a documentary about the defenders of the fort causing the harbor to run red with the blood of the invaders, Oliver was crawling around outside on the stairs. Notice how happy he is about crawling underneath the gate.

All over the grounds were remains of these huge bombard stones (shells) that were kind of like a close support artillary fired directly into the invaders (ouch).

Perhaps the most exciting moment of the day was the collection of kittens, which we came across outside of the fort.

And the saddest moment soon followed when we left and Ollie turned around watching the kitties and cried for several minutes.

The place where Karen is standing is where the Colossus of Rhodes supposedly straddled the harbor with one foot where Karen is, and the other foot was where you can see the column with the deer on it across the bay. But no one really knows where the Colossus stood. More info later on the story, which has become one of Elora's favorites.

Walking around the harbor you can see part of the Castle of Rhodes in the background. The castle is really a fortified city and was our next stop.

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