28 June 2009

Rhodes City (again), Beach, Bugs, and Pool

Rhodes was so large, and we had such a fun time we headed back to the city another day. This time we came prepared with bathing suits and towels.

We found a nice garden overlooked by the castle near one of the gates. Rhodes is such an impressive city because it has a wonderful mix of history, gardens, and markets. It's one of the few tourist traps that you really enjoy walking around in.

The city is surrounded by this large dry moat, which is now a jogging trail. Can you imagine having to fight with people up on top of the walls from with inside this moat? No wonder 50,000 invaders died in the final siege. Here Karen is walking across one of the main bridges to enter the city.

Even though we already spent more money than we wanted to, we decided to risk exploring some more market streets -- and spent more money of course...

The kids got very excited as soon as they saw the little castle side beach we played at before. We had so much fun swimming that we took only a few pictures.

Back at the hotel, Elora kept finding Raupenkinders (baby caterpillars). This one was crawling (shudder) up my leg, so I gave it to her to play with. She was very excited saying, "It tickles my arm!".

The hotel also had an indoor pool at the spa, which you had to make a reservation to use. We booked it for the last few hours of the day and had a great time, out of the sun, for once. Oliver was gifted this nice little pool boat by some other tourists who didn't want to carry it home with them.

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