17 June 2009

Rainy day, Vienna Schmetterling Butterfly House

We have attempted to go to the zoo with Elora's friend Grace at least4 times. And even though it is sunny most of the time, every plannedzoo trip is a rain day. So, we went to the Schmetterling Haus instead.

It's more fun to go now that Oliver can walk because he teeters around pointing at all the butterflies and doesn't get his pants all muddy from crawling.

There was one butterfly that was very friendly and Elora kept comingto stand next to it. It even "let" her hold it.

There were more butterflies than I have ever seen and a lot of them would fly really close to you. One landed on me at least 10 times.

This one they are holding had actually died. They knew it wasn't alivebut were still very excited to hold it.

This monster butterfly was the size of my head. It had its own weather system, a virtual planetoid.

Grace and Elora were having lots of fun together acting like goobers. They were "fluttering away like butterflies."

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