20 June 2009

On the beach in Rhodes, Greece

We always see these amazing discount all inclusive (or "alles inclusive") vacations that include airfare, hotel, food, entertainment etc. Every supermarket in Vienna has its own travel agency with special prices. So we booked a trip for a week to the Greek island of Rhodes, near the coast of Turkey.

And we're in Rhodes now. Having a great time. Even though our hotel is a miniature vacation factory that appears designed to pump the tourists in and out! Rhodes is an awesome place with a mixture of ancient Greek civilization, Byzantine empire, Medieval, Crusades and Turkish influence and we'll post more when we get the chance.


  1. Kalimera,

    Interesting about the travel agencies inside supermarkets. Out of interest which hotel / resort in Rhodes is it ?

  2. Blue Bay Resort, it's a strange feeling to say we had such a wonderful time but wouldn't recommend anyone stay in our hotel. The hotel couldn't have been that bad, and it wasn't horrible by any means. We had a great time. But the bed was more like a box spring, the food was fairly bland and inconsistent, but really we went to Rhodes for the beach and culture and loved both. The hotel was just for sleeping!


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