25 June 2009

Easy Doctors Visit

We interrupt this Rhodes blogging to bring you an update on doctors in Vienna. After both the kids and Chris got sick with what appears to be varying degrees of strep infections among all 3, we called a doctor's office in the neighborhood to make an appointment. His office was closed so we left a message saying we'll stop by tomorrow.

Dr. Baumgartner called us back an hour later and asked for our address and said he would stop by in a half an hour! He then showed up, did a quick examination of each of us and confirmed Chris had strep, Elora might have the onset of step (or its just going away), and Ollie is probably recovering from a basic infection of some kind, but not as severe. He wrote a quick perscription for Chris for antibiotics, a pain/fever reducer for Elora and told us to check back with him in a few days if Elora gets worse.

No forms. No check in. We don't have Austrian health insurance yet so we told him we'd pay in cash, he said don't worry. We tried several times to pay and he said, no problem, next time we can pay for the next visit. Chris walked to the Apothcary (pharmacy) 1 block away from the apartment, and walked back with his perscription in 5 minutes. Wow! That was fast and easy!

Who knows if this type of service is typical for for all of Austria or Vienna. We live in a very family oriented, "traditional Vienna" neighborhood of the city, and I imagine this kind of visit isn't always possible in the heavily populated districts of Vienna. But it's great for us!


  1. That is AMAZING!!! How great to have at your door service and what a kind doctor! I'm in total amazement that this type of thing happens anymore. So great. I hope you all feel better soon and that you Karen the caretaker don't get it.

  2. The only doctor in Vienna we have seen has come to the house. Our one cost a lot more than your one though (300 Euro!) Probably because it was 3am when he came.

    The doctor we have for the kids but haven't used yet is just a drop in clinic or she will come to the house as well.

    Such a different system here!


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