06 May 2009

Westernmost Edge of Europe... besides Iceland.

We are staying with a friend here, and our second day here he told us that he was taking us to "westernmost point". To which Chris replied, "What is it?"

Alvaro said, "It is the westernmost point of Europe."

Chris - "Besides Iceland?"

Alvaro shrugged and laughed - "Yes, besides Iceland."

So we hopped in the car and started driving, and I think we saw every single small country road in Portugal, as we got lost on the way there. At one point we just said, "There is ocean over there, let's get to it!" But it was not such an easy task. Now, keep in mind that Oliver rarely ever rides in cars, and HATES it. Really. He started screaming, and wouldn't stop, and noting the fact that he has on occasion thrown up in the car, we said, "We need to stop the car! Now!" So we found a nice beach and got out.

There was a beautiful rock staircase carved out of the rock that we walked down for awhile, and Elora enjoyed looking at all the flowers (and of course picking some).

On the way back up, Chris was helping Oliver walk and he would laugh every time he got to a stair to climb up. Not sure why it was so funny, but it was fun to watch Oliver practice walking. Come on buddy, any day now...

We hopped back in the car, and drove on some more country roads before finally finding the westernmost point. It was really beautiful, and we spent some time walking around enjoying the view (and of course Elora picked more flowers and I think Oliver chewed on some rocks and dirt.)

Here's the monument! Not sure what it says, it was in Portuguese - but at least we can prove we have been to the westernmost point of Europe... besides Iceland. Chris says it says "Where the land ends and the sea begins," which is a quote from a famous Portuguese poet.

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