12 May 2009

Sunny Day at Stadtpark

Stadtpark is a nice large city park in the center of Vienna. The weather was nice outside and decided to take the kids for a trip to a new park one day.

The flowers were very pretty. Elora was dying to pick them, but luckily she confined herself (mostly) to the dandilions.

In the center of the park is a large momument to compser Johann Strauss. It is said to be the most photographed monument in Vienna. We found out why... keep reading.

Apparently every day bus loads of Chinese tourists show up and take pictures of the monument. Except for this day. We counted no less than 5 Chinese women of varying ages taking pictures of Elora, instead of the statue.

It was strange, because you'd think if you were taking a picture of someone elses kid without their permission you might be discrete about it. But they were very much out in the open. These two ladies actually followed her around (as we watched from a distance). When Elora noticed to strange ladies were taking her picture she stopped and showed them her stick (as you can see in the photo). Perhaps Elora was challenging them to a duel. "How dare you take my picture! Say hello to my little friend!" The Chinese ladies responding by giving her a "Thumbs up."

Very odd. But we've been told Chinese tourists love little blonde girls.

On the way back from the Stadtpark we decided to walk back through Karlsplatz. Everything in the downtown is so close and the weather is nice enough to walk. As we got closer Elora excitedly realized, "Oh we're getting close to that other park!" And she was right, and very adament about going to the Karlsplatz Park. So we stopped to play for a few minutes. Oliver was very excited to bounce on the weird bug/flower thing. He loves these springy things.

Elora meanwhile was driving Mommy around in her pirate ship.

Next both the kids tried out another springy teeter toter thing. Maybe this is what you do when you don't have Disneyland... you just invent a bunch of crazy park rides. Whatever the reason, we're grateful for the fun they bring! We finished the trip by heading to the open air markets of Naschmarkt, which is just a short walk away and eating a Kebab. Yum.

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