25 May 2009

Schönbrunn Garden

While Chris was at school this week, the kids and I headed to the Schönbrunn Gardens to enjoy the nice weather (it was sunny when we left the house anyway...)

Oliver really wanted to play on the grass (he can't read the "don't walk on the grass signs" - maybe it is okay to crawl on the grass?). As soon as he could squirm out of my arms, he crawled away, and sat down content once he reached the grass. Apparently other people thought this was cute too, because I spotted at least one tourist snapping his photo.

There is a large fountain with ducks that Oliver liked to look at. Here he is trying to dive in. Actually he would lay down as close to the edge as he could and then reach out his arms to try and touch the ducks.

My friend Claudia joined us. Elora was very excited to have a new friend to play with. There were some baby ducks that Elora was happy to see. This was just previous to the surprise clouds that blew in, covered the blue skies, dumped rain on us for ten minutes, then rolled away... strange Vienna weather.
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