30 May 2009

Schoenbrunn Zoo (again)!

Here are more pictures from the zoo. We went back a week ago, and it was the first zoo trip where Oliver was old enough to get really excited about the animals.

There is a playground with a bunny and guinea pig pen. Oliver loved the bunnies. He sat and watched them for a long time. Luckily they didn't bite, because he kept sticking his fingers through the fence to try and pet them.

The kids both loved this big snake. Oliver crawled over to it, saying, "ssssssssss".

It's just cute that Oliver is big enough to play along with Elora at the zoo.

We're still working on hygiene...

Elora watched these little turtles for a really long time. We noticed this little angry turtle bugging a bigger turtle. Maybe it has small man's syndrome or maybe it just wanted its daddy to play with it.

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