26 May 2009

MBA Palais Liechtenstein

So one of the perks of having an MBA program in a palace in Vienna is the catering. Viennese people love their coffee breaks so we have frequent 10 minute coffee breaks, some of which are catered with tasty treats like you see below.

You can tell what everyone is thinking in this photo. A mixture of butter croissants, chocolate croissants, maple/apple pies. Plus some yogurt, jam, cornflakes (eh?) and granola. I've been introduced to some typical, and odd, Austrian dishes such as Rindfleischsalat (Meat & Vegetable salad, but no lettuce) and strange little slices of bread with odd cheeses, creams, or raw salmon on top (which was surprisingly tasty if you could chew and swallow while ignoring the texture).

The walls and ceiling are nicely decorated both in the "break room" above and the classroom below.

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