09 May 2009

Lisbon - Moorish Castle Ruins

Chris says that I can type, but he will be "the brains behind the operation" and tell me what to say. Apparently it doesn't take brains to type, and he djoeusstn motor killjsdhshkfsnaeh p.ubnnk>! (PS we have two keyboards...)

We went to see the ruins of an old Moorish castle from back when the Muslims

Karen: obviously

Chris: I didn't know if everyone knows what Moors are.

Karen: They do if they have seen Robin Hood!

Okay... so the castle dates back to when Muslims ruled Spain. Built in the 900s taken over in the 1400s.

We hiked through a beautiful forest with huge boulders everywhere which reminded me of the Princess Bride... but the boulders were not easy on the stroller. Amazingly enough, both kids fell asleep, Elora being bumped along in the stroller and Oliver being carried.

The castle had an amazing view of the entire valley and was the perfect mix between a restored castle and ruins. Everything looked really nice, but old.

The walls went up and down all over the top of the mountain, and there were a million (or so) very dangerous steep stairs. But Chris and Elora were not deterred and walked on them all. The conversation went something like this... "Elora..." "Elora..." "ELORA!" (she turns around) "Walk closer to the wall, not near the edge." "But I'm just picking flowers" (repeat c0nversation) Karen and Ollie took the abbreviated tour.

Elora was really excited to climb all the big stair cases. I (Chris) tried to take her picture (See, I -Karen- don't even get to type anymore... Grr...) and Elora thought it would be a fun game to quickly turn her head around and smile, then turn away really fast. Luckily she wasn't faster than the camera!

As we walked down the hill, Elora kept walking in a little water run off ditch to the side of the road. I asked her to walk on the big road, but she said the little road was just the right size for her - so I did what any good parent would and tried to take her picture on the little road. However, she wouldn't smile. Instead when she saw the gate ahead, she said, "No! I will run into the cave and smile!" And she did. If you notice, the castle gate is a revolving door. I wonder how it took the Spanish 400 years to kick out the Moors...

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