03 May 2009

Lisbon - Breakfast!

We're in Portugal! There's a company I wanted to visit with in Lisbon and I have a friend here we are staying with. We were told by someone in Vienna we absolutely had to try these pastries in Lisbon. Apparently this place, called Pasteis de Belem is famous for their special mini cream "pies". So the first morning we get up, the person we are staying with says he is taking us out to breakfast and low and behold its the very same place someone in Vienna recommended. The front of the building looked like a small little cafe. But the inside stretched on and on and on. With tons of people. All eating these same little pastries.

They're amazingly good. And you can eat one in just a couple bites. The story is a couple of nuns in Lisbon several hundred years ago made these and started selling them to raise money for a monestary (which is now built next store to the restaurant, which still exists and is selling pastries today).

And it's way to easy to eat 5 or 6. The custard creme is very tasty and it has a paper thing flaky shell. You top it all off with some powdered sugar and cinamon. Wonderful! Elora and I shared 4 between the two of us.

After "breakfast" we went back to Alvaro's house where he showed off Lisbon on his big TV/computer screen. We drove by this nice castle. But didn't stop to see it, so we made sure to get a picture of Karen in front of it. Hopefully we can go out and actually see things instead of surfing around Google earth looking at Lisbon while we're actually in Lisbon!
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  1. I am always surprised to read your blog and find out where you went next. How fun!


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