05 May 2009

Lisbon - Beach!

The weather in Portugal is beautiful, sunny, and hot! So we headed to the beach. For some bizarre reason I did not remember to pack swim suits and Chris told me we didn't need to bring the sunscreen. Not sure how that happened. I am always prepared for swimming! Probably a mixture of my lack of geographical knowledge (no idea that Lisbon was on the beach - nice) and Chris' "Eh, they'll be fine!" attitude...

Oliver was so excited about the water. Until he put his toes in... then he fussed until I picked him up. But every time we put him back down, he headed back to the water for more... One more beach kid for us!

As soon as Elora could see water she started running, all the way from the parking lot. She loved running in the water, and only got dunked too deep once... (Daddy was playing with her and somehow ended up where the waves were just a little too big - such things don't seem to happen as often with mommy).

While Chris was sunbathing to get rid of his awesome t-shirt tan lines, I got to take BOTH kids down to the water... it's harder than it looks! First Oliver was holding my hand and walking while Elora held my other hand and started running - not so good. So I picked up Ollie and we had a great time running in and out of the waves. Oliver laughed hysterically the whole time, and as usual it was hard to convince Elora that it was time to leave (as I didn't feel we should stay all day with only my face moisturizer with SPF 15 for the kids...)

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  1. Oh that looks so NICE! I am dying to have it be warm enough to head to a beach. The water looks amazing and what a bummer about the no sunscreen dilemma! Good thinking on using your face moisurizer.


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