19 May 2009

Happy (late) Mother's Day!

At church on Mother's Day, the little children came to sing to their Moms at the end of church. Elora is new to Primary, so she didn't know the song, but as you can see she got to help conduct the music - and she was so excited! She said, "Mommy! I led the music with a stick!" I liked that the kids sang to the women in Relief Society, so all the women could sit up close to the kids and snap pictures and clap. It was a nice way to end our day at church.

Elora made me a little paper heart (which we tried to get her to show the camera - didn't work out quite right, but that's okay) which had her handprints on it. My friend Krista is Elora's teacher and she said it was rather stressful to have the kids use paint in their nice Sunday clothes, but amazingly enough the children all made pretty handprints without any paint on their clothes. Elora also drew me a picture, and told her teacher what she loves about her mom. She said, "I love my mom because she is sweet and nice and she is not mad." Sounds good to me! Glad to know that I am not mad!!! After giving me my gifts, Elora said, "It's Mama's Day! Happy Mama's Day!" And it was a happy Mama's Day. Elora and Oliver bring me so many fun and good times, I am glad that I get to be their mom. (Sorry, no Ollie Mama's Day pics, he was asleep in Daddy's arms, which may have contributed to making it a happy day!)

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