02 May 2009

Frankfurt 7 hour train ride

The ICE (inter city express), high speed bullet train is the train we took to and from Frankfurt for our recent trip. It was a long ride from Vienna to Frankfurt with about 10 two stops in between over the course of 7 hours. Most people didn't go the full distance and exited at some of the other major cities like Nurnburg -- well remember to do this at Christmas next year as Nurnburg has a famous market.

Inside the ICE trains there is one "family" compartment that we were lucky enough to have to ourselves for most of the trip. But on the way back home we did get to share it with a German mom and her baby.

The Germans really know how to take car of the kids on long train rides. Even the big kids! There was a large "Memory" game that Elora enjoyed playing as well as a rocking motorcycle that everyone loved to ride on.

Elora was happy to take Teddy for a ride. The spring was a little stiff, so she needed some help pushing it.

The child care was very nice. It had enough room for Oliver to crawl around on the floor, a power outlet for a laptop for movie watching and a nice table to sit and eat lunch/dinner on. It's like flying first class. Except you're riding. And it takes 3 times as long as an airplane. But cheaper. Ollie enjoyed eating an orange, as you can see. For some reason he always wants to bite into the peel before you get a chance to peel it. Everytime he does this, and everytime he makes the same "eeeeww that's bitter" face. He's probably thinking, "Oranges taste to good, how can the peel taste so bad?"

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  1. That looks like a great way to travel. I am envious of all the wonderful traveling you and your family are doing!


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