21 May 2009

Food Storage Fun!

I enjoyed a morning of peaceful quiet while the kids played together. Generally this means there is some general destruction going on in the house, so I eventually went to see what they were up to.

The cabinets in the kitchen are Oliver's favorite place to play. And this morning, Superman joined in the fun!

Oliver loves tearing through all the food stored in the cupboard. There is milk sold in cartons that can be stored for 8 weeks at room temperature, so we like to stock up on milk. All the more milk for Oliver to dump on the floor. I figure as long as he is playing here, he isn't pulling his sister's hair or splashing in the toilet, so I just let him go at it...

Once the cupboards were empty, the kids headed for their "train" to go for a ride somewhere. Who needs toys when you have fun like this? (Or as Chris says, "We have a house full of toys, and look what the kids like to play with most!")

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