20 May 2009

Cheap Meat!

The good thing about living in a country where stores are closed on Sunday is the big chains have to get rid of all their fresh food before the weekend. We discovered that Hofer (the discount/volume food store) puts all their meat that will expire in 3-4 days on sale for 50% off every Friday around 1pm. It's funny because they were stocking the shelves with meat that was 50% off while people were standing around waiting to load up, which is what we did as you can tell. We added it all up and saved 50euros (or spent 50euros, however you want to look at it). Ground beef, turkey breasts and pork loins. Yum, our tiny little freezer is packed full and we're eating a lot better than usual!
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  1. No! I go at 2pm on a Saturday because all the fruit and vegies are reduced really cheap. I wondered why there was never any cheap meat. Never realised it was reduced on another day!

  2. Ha ha! I never knew they reduced the fruit and veggies on Saturday. Looks like I will have to start going to Hofer twice a week (or three times, because all the special items they sell come out earlier in the week!)


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