31 May 2009

BBQ Brisket and Pizzookie!

So my friend Claudia is from Germany, but she was a foreign exchange student in North Carolina in high school. Chris was so excited she had been there because he wanted to talk to someone about how great BBQ brisket sandwiches are... but she had never tried one the entire time she lived there. Chris couldn't believe she had missed out on this wonderful experience, so we decided to attempt making our own...

We looked up a recipe for slow roasting our brisket from the food network website... We figure Bobby Flay knows what he is doing, so we did our best to follow his instructions using the ingredients we could find here in Austria (which are not all the same...)

The meat was really good. I made french bread rolls to go with it, and Chris made his own BBQ sauce, North Carolina style (thin and tangy) to go with the meat. Claudia said she loves the way Americans create interesting ways to eat food... like putting roasted meat on bread. Apparently there is nothing like this in Germany.

And to finish it off we had to make a Pizzookie. For those unfamiliar with Pizzookies, they are a "Pizza-Cookie" meaning a big round cookie that you can cut like a pizza. Of course, we eat our Pizzookies barbarian style... we dump ice cream and whipped cream on top, and all dig in. Good stuff!!!!

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