27 April 2009

Wehrheim Walk

Since the town of Wehrheim where I (Chris) used to live was close by the temple, we took the train over one late afternoon.

Actually we took the train in the wrong direction, then took a bus ride that dropped us off about 2km outside of town and walked in. So here we are taking a slight detour through the woods. It was beautiful as you can tell. Wehrheim is in the Taunus region outside of Frankfurt and is basically a collection of small villages scattered about in between hills and forests.

Elora was being a goober. She loves the forest because it has lots of sticks. The only thing she loves more than picking flowers is picking up sticks. No stick, branch, or twig is too small. Which makes for slow going. One branch she found, she insisted was an arrow that belonged to Robin Hood, and she named the forest we were walking in Sherwood Forest. No prompting involved... she came up with that all on her own.

Here is the road to the town after you come out of the forest. Notice the sidewalk that ends quite a long ways before getting to town. I remember that from when I lived there. There is a crosswalk on the other side, and a sidewalk. But then just grass for half a mile. Odd...

We brought the small travel stroller with us, and Ollie loved riding in it. He especially liked that he could climb in and out by himself.

And finally, here is a picture of me in front of the house, because I knew it was what my dad would have wanted to see. I can just hear the conversation now. "What? You went all that way and didn't go see the house? Why didn't you go get a picture?". Now I know the next thing my parents would have asked is, did you knock on the door and ask to look around inside? No I didn't, as you can see, the lady who lives there was actually standing by the door thinking we're nuts. And right as Karen took the picture her husband just pulled into the driveway on his bike, also no doubt wondering why a strange American family was posing in front of the house. Naturally this would have been the perfect opportunity to go inside and see if they were still in possession of the orange toilet on the main floor, brown toilet in the basement and green toilet in the master bedroom...odd.

I remembered there was a little cafe around the corner from our house. So we went there for dinner. There were chickens outside Elora was excited to feed dandelions to. I had chicken for dinner. It was the one on the left...


  1. The limited pavers were for a Bus Stop, not really a sidewalk (see the street cut-out for where a bus can stop?)

  2. Good theory, but pray tell how you got to the bus stop (or whence you went) with no sidewalk?


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