03 April 2009

Trip to Budapest

We bought a Vorteilscard which gives you 50% discount on most long range train travels and and from Austria and discovered some cheap railway tickets to Budapest, Hungary for 29 round trip. Even better, we found a cheap 3 room, fully furnished apartment for 55/night right in the city center next to all the sites. So off we went! (we're still here actually)

The train ride took 3 hours. Elora passed the time by reading her Robin Hood book and running around inside the railway car.

Oliver is definitely the most happy traveller now that we decided to travel using the train instead of renting a car. No car seats! He loved it. We took him for a walk up and down the aisle of the train when he got bored and his squirmy little walk (holding your hands, he can't do it by himself yet) brought a smile to everyone's face. Old men, grumpy looking old women, and moody teenagers alike couldn't help but smile at the little tike.

Once we arrived we got off the train and started walking. It was a 2km walk to the apartment or we could take a local subway train. We walked the whole way and stuck out like sore thumbs walking around with our huge roller bag in the middle of the city.

To see the places we're going or have done, check out our special Budapest sightseeing map we created on Google:

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