20 April 2009

Playtime at the Schoenbrunn Park

Oliver likes all the pretty flowers. We call him "Blossom" whenever we put this hat on. Not really, but it would be funny if we did. Sort of... in a mean way. But he really loves the flowers and loves to make the hand movements from the "popcorn popping on the apricot tree song."

Elora and the grouchy lady bug...The Schonbrunn palace gardens are teeming with blossoming trees, chattering squirrels, lady bugs, and nasty box elder bugs, or as Elora calls them "Those are the bugs that Maxi (cat) used to not eat, because they are filled with yellow goo." We can't get away from those bugs even on the other side of the world.

We got some pretty pictures of Elora admiring this awesome tree that is all over the place here. It has these huge orchid-like blossoms all over it. Anyone know what the tree is called?

Although Elora refuses to look at the camera, she's always good for a very sweet looking picture if you can either sneak up on her, or if you're far enough away and zoom in so she doesn't notice she's being watched.

Here is the closest thing to a good family photo we have. It might look like Elora was looking into the camera. That would be wrong. This picture was actually taken in the 1/500 of a second while she was tossing her head around. Just random luck... Mr Hammy Ollie, meanwhile wasn't co-operating.

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