19 April 2009

Playing at the Park

We're in Frankfurt right now on a Temple trip... but here are some pictures of play time at a couple different parks from back in Vienna we were meaning to put up.

It can never be stated enough that their parks and the things they have at the parks to play on are far superior to any park we've seen in the US.

Ollie loved climbing... but it took some help.

Both the kids laid down in this basket swing for about 20 minutes while we pushed them. It looked pretty comfy so we tried it, and it turns out if you're an adult it makes your stomach feel pretty sick. I see an opportunity for amusement park ride....

Springtime brings lots of flowers. Elora can never have enough. Literally. She can have 30 in her hands all bunched up and still get mad when we don't let her stop and pick some more.

Ollie loves to roll around in the grass. I think the grass tickles the back of his neck.

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