20 April 2009

Of Squirrels and Girls

My tough little girl with the 2x4 gets sad about a squirrel.
by Chris (Karen said it's cuter when you realize it's the dad consoling his little girl)

The saddest experience in Elora's life occurred the other day while watching The Sword in the Stone. Elora was excitedly watching as the little boy was turned into a squirrel, and a girl squirrel discovered him and was giving him hugs and was very attracted to the boy squirrel.

Elora asked, "Are they going to get married?"

But the story didn't have a happy ending. As the boy squirrel kept pushing the girl squirrel away, because he was in fact human. When he finally transformed back into a real boy, the girl squirrel ran away in shock, and then cried from her tree branch.

Upon seeing this, Elora quickly turned to me, lip quivering, eyes tearing up. I couldn't bare what was going to come next so I reached out my arms and she quickly dove into them saying, "I don't want the squirrel to cry!"

I tried to console her, and explained the boy couldn't marry a squirrel. Later after I thought she had forgotten about this sad moment she suddenly turned around and again said, this time with big tears in her eyes, "I don't want the girl squirrel to be sad. Why is she sad?" Again more hugs and more consoling...

Probably the saddest moment ever because her tears were not over getting hurt, getting punished, going to bed, or having her toys taken by Oliver; these tears were completely selfless. She was devastated that the poor little girl squirrel didn't get to marry the little boy squirrel. Sniff.

You can watch the clip in question here. It doesn't get sad until the last minute. Karen says she tears up when watching it too.

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