12 April 2009

Erdbeer Schokolade Topfenknoedel

We had the missionaries over to try out our new favorite dessert recipe, Topfenknoedel, which we put a Lindt truffle inside before cooking and added some sugary Strawberry sauce. Yumm. Recipe requires Topfen (aka Quark) which does not exist in the US. Too bad, so sad.

We had to try the recipe a couple times to get it to work out, still needs a little perfecting but it tastes as good or better than how the restaurants serve it. By the time we go back stateside we should be pros... but then we won't be able to make it anymore without the topfen... hmmm... It is kind of a mixture in flavor of high fat cream cheese and cottage cheese... only really creamy.

Tonight for Easter we are going to make them with strawberries in the center, should be tasty!
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  1. Looks really tasty, to bad about the ingredients not being available here. Maybe in a city with a large Austrian population, there might be a specialty market.

  2. Quark is totally available at Whole foods, Trader Joe's, and other upscale urban marketplaces. If you have a local farmer's market, seek out a creamery or cheesemaker; they may know of a source. Topfen can also be made at home virtually overnight, like many other super-soft cheeses. If lazy, poor, and in desperation for a Topfenknoedel fix (as I sometimes find myself), ricotta can be an okay substitute.


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