02 April 2009

Elora's Butterfly Buddy

Elora went back to the Butterfly House to meet her new friend Grace. They both love butterflies. Elora had to wear her butterfly dress and Grace brought her butterfly sunglasses. They had a lot of fun running around and crawling in the bushes. I'm not sure they paid much attention to the butterflies.

They were climbing on a big rock inside the building next to some water and I walked over to tell them to get down, but they were so cute and happy I had to take a picture. There is a pathway that loops around the inside of the building and the girls were playing "chase", which is Elora's favorite game where she runs around and says "Chase chase chase!" shrieking all the time.

Grace shared her ham and cheese croissant with Elora. As you can see Elora is very excited. It was very windy outside and Grace is almost being blown over. But Elora is securely held in place by 20 lbs of clothes and boots.

When it was time to go Grace gave Elora a big hug. Elora always says when it is time to go home, "But I don't want Grace to go."
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